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Book Review - Scent of a Killer by Kevin Lewis

Lewis’s work is new to me. I was recommended the author/book by a friend, and was loaned a copy.

Lewis’s own upbringing was very troubled- an understatement, and with his hard won knowledge and experience of south London estates, crime and violence he brings realism to his story many readers will find disturbing. Combined with great research into police process and procedures, including the role of a pathologist, a vivid imagination and ability to tell a story, he has written a very engaging and disturbing book.

It’s usual for fiction writers take normality and add twenty percent exaggeration to keep the reader turning the pages – I hope this is the case with this story! Combining reality, with imagination and research, Lewis has produced a gripping read – jeopardy is in abundance. My only negative is a chapter on dog fighting which I felt was gratuitous violence and could be omitted – it didn’t progress the story.

If you are a fan of CSI type television programs you’ll love this book. I’m now going to seek out “The Kid,” Lewis’s debut novel.

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