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By James Minter, Nov 1 2019 11:44AM

This essential readIng in this time of climate and environmental crises for everyone. Natalie knows all too well, like other environmental campaigners, that sceptics, deniers, and doubters and even the everyday householder who is too busy with life, that the climate emergency is not real for them, and it's just a way large corporates, using fear, uncertainty and doubt, to get people to spend on replacement technology or other stuff that they may not want or need – hence her emphasis on saving the world for free.

People don't like to be on the other end of persuasive arguments as the more evidence they are offered the more likely they are to shut down. To overcome this, Natalie adopts a writing style that is engaging, sufficiently factual to add credence to her statements without being overbearing, and surprisingly humorous given the enormity and urgent nature of the topic under discussion. But it works.

The scope and breadth of this book is impressive. Natalie adopts a no-holds-barred approach to presenting a plethora of truths you may know but choose to deny -"It's nothing to do with me," - or ignore so you can remain blissfully ignorant while living in your corner of Planet Earth where all is fine. From her extensive research, it's quite clear that all is not fine for anyone no matter how wealthy, powerful or privileged they are. We are all in this together; every man, woman, and child living today or to be born in the next 50 plus years.

For me 'How to …' books are my favourite genre as an enormous amount of hard work, diligence and creative thinking are put in by the author so I can reap the benefits. In this case, it's Natalie who has done a great job. The impact, implications and potential of the climate crisis are far-reaching as shown by the inclusiveness of this book from what we eat to how we live, travel and even have sex! Now it’s down to me to adopt her suggestions.

The hard-hitting narrative doesn't leave you feeling hopeless or despairing. Instead, Natalie brings optimism, promise and a future that is inclusive, positive and full of hope provided we take action now.

This is a book written from the heart appealing to your heart and a set of values directed at the life-sustaining capacities of the Earth in the pursuit of common goals - love, truthfulness, fairness, freedom, cooperation, and oneness with others, tolerance, and a respect for all life.

I wholly recommend this book for teens, young adults and upwards, including grandparents: in short, everyone.

By James Minter, Sep 3 2018 09:09AM

Any author going down the self-publishing road needs all the help they can get. There is a heap of information out there on the internet, but what Ms Inglis has done is make an excellent attempt at bringing it all together into a single place. By doing so this she’s made the information more accessible, as well as presenting it in a logically structured style – you only need to read the Table Of Contents to see that. Moreover, it is massively sourced with her hard-won knowledge and experience gained by going through the process with her books. That’s why I love “How to…” books. They capture hard-won knowledge and experience and make it available in an easily consumable form so saving you making the same mistakes, wasting time, money, or going off tangent.

Self-publishing and book marketing are significant, evolving processes, and a guide such as this cannot be complete or entirely up to date. As with all eBooks, it can be continuously corrected, amended, or added to. Ms Inglis makes good use of live links, and a password-protected resources page on her website to allow the reader to explore the software products and tools she discusses.

In conclusion, this is a book well worth purchasing for potential, new, and existing authors. For the price of your morning coffee and pastry, you gain the knowledge and expertise of successful children’s author who speaks from the heart and shares not only her successes but things that didn’t work out so well. And, that takes courage but gives the book huge credibility.

By James Minter, Jan 16 2018 02:59PM

For me “how to” books are the best and V.V Cam’s books are up there with the most useful. This book is the latest addition to her “Because Money Matters” series and is a very worthy addition it is indeed.

V.V Cam has a particular structure and style to her writing – honest, inclusive, and written from hard-won experience and knowledge presented in a concise, yet extremely readable style. She includes many self-check questionaries’ and dozens of links to really valuable websites for the reader to get extra information or guidance.

Although this book focuses on as the platform on which to build your freelancing business, the breadth and depth of the content and lessons learnt make it suitable for any intending, new or recent person thinking of going it alone. Becoming your own boss sounds very glamorous, but the reality is, the buck stops with you every time: this fact alone makes many an individual think twice about going down this route. The truth is, with planning, preparation and a copy of V.V Cam’s book under your arm you will be off to a great start…and just in time.

The rise of the Gig Economy - an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements, i.e. freelancing – is predicted by Intuit to account for 40 percent of American worker employment by the year 2020. This book is very timely, and for only the price of a cup of coffee, a very worthy investment. Hone your skills, develop your communication abilities and take control of your working life.

A copy of this book was provided by the author for review purposes.

By James Minter, Aug 9 2017 01:57PM

Firstly, I loved this book. I was hooked as soon as I started reading ‘How this book Began’ and when I moved on to ‘A Glimpse into a Chapter of My Life’ I was captivated by the author. She has real credibility and I wanted to learn all that I was able from her. Whatever it was she was about to teach me!

It' particularly well written with good language, beneficial and insightful exercises, and a layout which makes it easy to follow in a step by step manner. Anyone who is interested in taking control of their lives – and finance is an important aspect of anyone’s life – would benefit from reading this book. It covers the factual issues needed to be more financially competent and the capabilities required to make it work. But it also takes into account the huge emotional journey that taking control of one's finances requires.

This is a must read book for everyone, at any stage of life, but especially for young adults who have the luxury of time to follow the preparation and planning for their financial future. The tips on how to focus on earning as much as possible with the abilities you have is a real eye-opener for people who are on their career ladder and has excellent advice and tips on how to take responsibility for oneself.

Having shared all her knowledge, advice and experience with us, Ms Cam then goes on to give even more in the glossary of terms, a huge list of tools to help the reader on their journey and links to articles and blogs that cover a wide range of financial subjects.

There are self-help books and then there are excellent self-help books. I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to read this author’s inspiring and life-changing book on money and how much it really matters to everyone.

By James Minter, Jun 2 2017 02:22PM

Because Self-Publishing Works – Everything I Learned About How To Market a Book by V V Cam

I’m a self-published author of fourteen books, but my sales are lacklustre, to say the least. To quote V.V Cam “I’ve used sporadic marketing tactics: chasing after reviews, doing a few author interviews and throwing money at promotions with the hope of selling a few more books.” Like 95% of all self-published authors, I lack well-honed, professional marketing skills and knowledge.

For any new, or recent writer whose sales are in the doldrums, this book is for you. If you’ve Googled searched, you’ll know there are tonnes of marketing information on the Internet, but what is lacking is a decent structure to build a marketing strategy and plan. This is where ‘Everything I Learned About How To Market a Book’ scores highly. V.V Cam has a professional marketing background, and she has put her hard-won knowledge and experience to good use to drive the sales of her husband’s book ‘Because’ by Jack A Langedijk, to a respectable level for both paperback and Kindle editions. Now she is sharing all she knows in this very complete ‘how to…’ book. You only have to look at the Table of Contents to see how complete she is.

Note; this book is not for wimps. I love ‘How to…’ books, but it’s one thing to buy the book, another to read it, but it’s a totally different matter putting into practice all the ideas and suggestions. It’s at this stage many authors give up – tenacity, dedication, commitment and a realistic budget are paramount. As V.V Cam points out, there is no marketing silver bullet.

However, V.V Cam has come to your aid with predesigned, downloadable templates, self-analysis questions, a plethora of web links to useful resources, and a copious amount of hints and tips.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book to any serious self-published writer. And if you are a first timer contemplating writing the next best-seller, I suggest you read this book to understand the world you are entering into. You’ll realise writing a book is relatively easy! With Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, etc. listing over nine million books for sale, you soon appreciate it’s a formidable challenge to break into the top 20% where you need to be if you are looking to earn a living from writing. The only real chance you have of doing this is to adopt the strategy so comprehensively laid out in this book. And finally, does the strategy work? Only time will tell. I’m fully on board and will let you know in 12 months.

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