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A must read book for everyone, at any stage of life ...

By James Minter, Aug 9 2017 01:57PM

Firstly, I loved this book. I was hooked as soon as I started reading ‘How this book Began’ and when I moved on to ‘A Glimpse into a Chapter of My Life’ I was captivated by the author. She has real credibility and I wanted to learn all that I was able from her. Whatever it was she was about to teach me!

It' particularly well written with good language, beneficial and insightful exercises, and a layout which makes it easy to follow in a step by step manner. Anyone who is interested in taking control of their lives – and finance is an important aspect of anyone’s life – would benefit from reading this book. It covers the factual issues needed to be more financially competent and the capabilities required to make it work. But it also takes into account the huge emotional journey that taking control of one's finances requires.

This is a must read book for everyone, at any stage of life, but especially for young adults who have the luxury of time to follow the preparation and planning for their financial future. The tips on how to focus on earning as much as possible with the abilities you have is a real eye-opener for people who are on their career ladder and has excellent advice and tips on how to take responsibility for oneself.

Having shared all her knowledge, advice and experience with us, Ms Cam then goes on to give even more in the glossary of terms, a huge list of tools to help the reader on their journey and links to articles and blogs that cover a wide range of financial subjects.

There are self-help books and then there are excellent self-help books. I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to read this author’s inspiring and life-changing book on money and how much it really matters to everyone.

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